How to hide computer drive without using command prompt

Hide computer drive without command prompt – Hi Friends, in my previous post I have shown you the trick of hiding computer drive by using CMD command but, Tоdау I gonna show you that how to hide a drive without CMD or any third раrtу software. There are so many free or paid software in market which were providing you same solution, But I have not showing you any software by which you are hide your drives. So, by this і will show уоu the easiest method to hide a drive by using CMD.

So, follow the below step to hide a drive:

Step 1. First of all, Right click on “My Computer” icon from Desktop or Start menu.
Step 2. Then click on manage option, as shown in picture.

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Step 3. After this a “computer management” window will open, click on disk management option.

Step 4. Now choose the desire disk which you want to hide.
Step 5. Then right click on it and choose “Change drive and letter paths…”

Step 6. Click on remove button (means remove drive letter).

Step 7. A pop message will appear, Click yes.

Step 8. Now process is done and you will see your selected drive will hide from “My Computer”.

Congrats you have successfully Hidden the drive.

Now After this how to Unhidden the drive?
Now the next question you want to ask me is ”How to unhidden the disk“. Let me tell you that’s easy as well. Just follow the below simple steps.

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Step 1. Perform steps 1,2,3,4 and 5 again.
Step 2. OK Now you have Completed the 5 steps listed above.
Step 3. Now in this step you have to add the letter as you like (like D,E or F which will be available).
Step 4. Check if you have successfully got the drive back. Now Just Restart your Computer if you wish to.


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