Proximity sensor issue in Redmi 3s, 3s Prime and other Redmi phones

Many of you experience proximity sensor issue, like when you place a call its screen goes to black and couldn’t get on automatically while you talking to someone. Its a common problem in Redmi handset.

You guys will not to worry it because its a software issue not hardware. Xiomi confirm that they will definitely resolve it on their next update of firmware.

But if you most hated bcz of this then you will follow the below steps:

  1. go to setting from phone dialer option menu.
  2. Then go to incoming call setting.
  3. Turn-on proximity sensor option, if it already on then turn off it and again turn on.
  4. You need to reboot your phone after every 2-3 days according to your problem.
  5. Follow the step 3 always when you reboot your phone or every 2 days.
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This will definitely help you.

Its a boring step but when company not updated their firmware you have no other choice.

*If problem persists comment below.


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